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BigData Ghana offers the full range of data solutions from survey planning through to data visualisation and dissemination

With our team of expert professionals and vast experience in the field of data. Our services cover the entire African continent and deploy both proprietary and open source data solutions.

Our Services

We Can Help You With
Field Survey
  • Data hosting and management
  • Development of mobile data collection apps
  • Field data collection training
  • Hiring of tablets
  • Survey planning

Data Analytics
  • Spatial data analyses (vector and raster analyses)
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Big Data analysis (deploying data science techniques)

Data Visualization
  • Animated and still info graphics
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Interactive mapping

Projects Undertaken


The ESICApps provides information on access to basic sanitation and potable water as well as liquid and solid waste disposal methods in residential, food/restaurant, industrial and commercial premises within each MMA. As part of Capacity Strengthening Efforts under the GAMA Sanitation and Water project, the Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate of the MSWR engaged BDG to Review the premises sanitation inspection forms used previously, Develop mobile data collection app for use by urban sanitation inspection, Develop a GIS-based interactive web visualization platform with customized reporting capabilities for data access and analysis by various stakeholders, Provide training for all EHAs/Os in all GAMA MMAs, REHOs, RICCS and National Technical Working Group on Sanitation and deployment support to EHSD and Revise institutional framework for implementation of ESICApps.


GAIMS Platform was built following the Open Up Guideline for Agriculture developed by GODAN and Open Data Charter, with Data licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) . The purpose is to truly open up agriculture data and statistics for improved analyses and decision making in support of the country’s effort to meet global goal SDG2.


The Mapper is an application that allows users to put a physical object like land boundaries, farms, buildings etc.unto a map… Collect bio-data of farmers including multimedia attributes and geographic location attributes, Map farm boundaries and other attributes of the farm (s) of the farmer, Automatically calculate area/size of farm, Collect crops and their varieties attributes and Map other agricultural facilities and services around farms.

The ACEP Platform

This is a transparency and accountability platform for the monitoring of the implementation of the activities and spendings under the Ghana Power Compact agreement. This platform tracks, milestones and key deliverables of the compact agreement and visualizes citizen’s feedback on the impact of the spending so far.


Before you embark on any data collection agenda, browse our catalog to ensure data doesn’t exist already. Catalog is updated regularly so keep checking. Open data initiative to provide access to already available hard to find and access. Data can be accessed free of charge in several formats. Novel approach to populating data using student-based crowdsourcing


Training sessions for Environmental Health Officers and GIZ Monitoring and Evaluation Officers on data visualization and data collection respectively.